Aromatherapy for animals

The use of essential oils can often help with the promotion of a feeling of well-being and may have certain health benefits too.

In 1999 I attended a Natural Healing course for animals. This course included a module about aromatherapy. Having seen how some of the horses responded I use this quite often when working with horses.

When working with horses I let them choose which oils they prefer and then will often make a blend of 2 or 3 oils to work with.

Some horses are really clear about what they like or dislike. I let the horse sniff the bottle (making sure I have a firm grip on the bottle) – if the horse is ambivalent they will just stand and do nothing – if they dislike the smell they will often turn away with a look of disgust on their face and if they really like the smell will often try to eat the bottle!

I will generally use the aromatherapy as an adjunct to a TTOUCH session – as I am not a qualified aromatherapist – but am also happy to just do some aromatherapy if that is what is called for.

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