Meet Lindy


Lindy is an instructor for both horses and companion animals for the Tellington TTOUCH method



I started riding at age 10 in Stellenbosch at Annandale Riding School. The majority of the horses were rescued racehorses with problems – so we learnt a lot about being run away with on outrides! I was a completely horse-mad child and read only horse books, had a bedroom covered in horse posters – I’m afraid the pop stars completely missed out!

As we couldn’t afford a horse, I was given a rescued donkey in 1967 and had him for four years, which were spent riding around the neighbourhood. I learnt an awful lot about equine escape artists during this time, having to regularly retrieve him from peoples’ prize Protea gardens!

I stopped riding around 17 – school work got in the way, followed by University studies.

My first horse

Once married and established in a home in Johannesburg I started riding again in 1986 – on a friend's horse which she soon persuaded me to buy. I acquired my first horse, Babyshoes (ex racehorse Thoroughbred gelding) in 1987. I had to say a sad goodbye to him in March 2009 after more than 21 years together.

In 1988 we bought our current residence which has 5 stables – so I started small livery yard with the help of Oscar, my groom. In 1991 I bought second horse Ali Shar – also an ex-racehorse – who I rode in dressage until sadly, I had to put him down in Jan 2005.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to get my current riding horse – Silver, with whom I am thoroughly enjoying learning about 'life, the universe and everything'.

We have a stable yard of greys!


I have competed in dressage to Elementary level, but competitions aren't my favourite things. In March 1999 I attended a Natural Healing course for animals, which included Reiki and Aromatherapy as well as an introduction to TTOUCH. Later that year I stopped working full time in Computer Technical Support and started my own business. I now consult  in computer technical support on a part time basis as well as giving TTOUCH clinics and private consultations.

I bought an LPG Equine machine which is used to massage horses. I also give aromatherapy and Reiki treatments to horses.

Tellington TTouch training

In January 2001 I attended my first 5 day TTEAM workshop and qualified as a TTEAM practitioner 1 in September 2003. Two years later I qualified as a TTEAM practitioner level 2.

In 2004 I started the TTOUCH for Companion Animals programme and graduated as a Companion Animal Practitioner level 1 in October 2006.

I became a TTOUCH Instructor for Horses in 2014 and for Companion Animals in 2017.

I give TTOUCH clinics as well as private consultations for both Horses and Companion Animals.


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